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We all live in bubbles. In 2019 we popped our bubble in Pacific Palisades, California and moved across the planet to Bali, Indonesia.  I was searching for more adventure and less perfection, more feelings and less logic. I wanted to be around parents who said fuck it to the corporate world, kids who had something real to say, and badass mommy surfers who would never dream of carrying hand sanitizer on their keychains. We both wanted to be present for our kids instead of obsessing over possessions and the thrill of crossing off a to-do list. We wanted our kids to have open hearts, embrace new ideas, know themselves, respect the planet, and live in a less anxious, more multi-cultural bubble. We were unsure how to break out of our cushy and privileged bubble because it had taken us half a lifetime to get in it! To quote a fellow Green School parent, our lives had a lot of bling, but our souls didn't sing. One night a friend texted me some photos of Green School Bali and it felt like inhaling smelling salts. I knew in that instant that Green School was where we belonged. We applied, got in and moved within two moths. And here we are. I know a lot more about living in Indonesia than before we left, but knowing and understanding are two different things. We are still in the process of understanding our choices and making sense of the adventure unfolding around us. 



Embrace uncertainty, fuck being upset

We are the Smiths. I'm Steph Smith, my partner is Craig Smith and we have 5 little Smith kids. We are creative types. It's fair to say we are a little nuts. 

Honestly, why any of us does any of the stuff we do is beyond the realm of human understanding. But my best guess as to why I make the choices I do is that my DNA is coded to like change, walk through open doors, question authority and accept a hefty degree of risk. Curiosity drives every one of us in different ways. I'm on a quest to live beyond my comfort zone because that's where life begins. My kids are not just along for the ride - they drive the train!

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