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our journey from Pacific Palisades to Bali

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We "escaped" the gorgeous bubble of Pacific Palisades to build a new life on Bali, the Island of The Gods.  This Balifornia Dreamin' blog is our attempt to describe what Bali means for us and to give an on the ground perspective to anyone else ready to jump ship. Our life in paradise is complicated, imperfect and beautiful. So far it's been a helluva journey.


Come along for the ride. 

Hello. We are The Smiths. 

We are a Californian family with a 5 young kiddos who relocated from Pacific Palisades, California to Bali, Indonesia to expand our comfort zone, learn to chillax, explore another culture and give our kids the gift of the magical Green School Bali. I'm Steph Smith, these are my kids, and this blog is my rambling attempt to document our our life in Bali.

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Enchanted by Green School Bali? Us too. 

We didn't move to Bali just for the Green School, but it was definitely a huge part of our "why." We're aren't Green School experts but we are super fans of the school's mission. We've found our parent vibe-tribe. There is a magic and a reality of the Green School experience. Let's discuss.

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