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Survival of The Party People

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

It's not surprising that a tribe of free spirited adults looking to live their "best life in Bali" would throw some killer parties. Most Green School parents are on sabbatical, retired, in transition, or otherwise free from constraints that force most adults to be in bed by 10:00.

We are a social, friendly, curious, and openhearted community. There is very little judgment. No quest for status. No posturing. There are a rainbow of passports and languages but the parents we know from GS and other local schools are like long lost members of the same lovely tribe. All are welcome. The Island has a creative force and we are a creative bunch. I'm not spiritual, but when we get together you can feel the love.

Glitter is kind of a thing here.

If you're thinking of moving to Bali and joining our GS party tribe (or any tribe!), bring glitter. Bring many colors. Don't forget the gold body tattoos and stick on gems. Throw a few wigs in your luggage too. Definitely don't show up without costumes. There seem to be no rules except that you must show up bedazzled. Shirt and shoes optional. If you're at home reading this and you can rap, please pack your bags and come join us. Rappers needed.

How hard is the party?

Like a lot of Bali life, pictures don't always represent real life. There might be drinks in some of the pics, but the party isn't about drinking. As someone who rarely drinks in Los Angles, I do drink more often in Bali. But that's not saying a lot. I have about 2-3 glasses of wine a month in LA so more for me is relative. Although I drink more in Bali (maybe 10-12 glasses of wine a month), many Aussies and Brits here say they drink less than at home. Some admit they drink more. I spent 10 years living on/off in Brazil and the party vibe in Bali is similar. Parties are more frequent and free spirited, run later and larger than what I'm familiar with in LA, but feels like people do less drinking. The goal is fun, not getting smashed.

Get your dinner party on

Not all parties are disco dance fests! Most are dinner parties and group hang outs. We also do board game nights and group dinner or brunches. Our house has 2 guest houses so most weekends we host another GS family (usually from the Ubud area) or friends from elsewhere on the island for a sleepover. The kids play and swim, the adults chill and swap stories. The casual nature of weekend guests is pure pleasure for me. In LA weekend guests would stress me out. Here it's no biggie. No pressure.

Bali is a collective struggle that requires celebration

Living in Bali isn't easy. Paradise can be a real bitch. The weather is a cunt. The bacteria in the water is an asshole. Traffic is shit. The heat is a mother fucker. You need to celebrate these irritants or you'll collapse. Say cheers to the dirty air. There is a flow to Bali and the undercurrent can pull you down if you don't learn to float. There is very little in your control here so enjoy the ride and celebrate the fuck out of each day.

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